Hi, my name is Michael Jarrett, I live and was born and raised in Switzerland. By day, i'm a professional web developer, loving father and husband, writer, runner, vegan and self-confessed minimalist. By night, i'm a laser-beam shooting super hero with awesome panda bear costume, well at least in my dreams. Passions



Find here some of my recent projects, mostly websites. I do some freelance projects aside from my professional employment. Drop me a line if you're interested.


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Concise Writing

Recently, I wrote an article about how single tasking can dissolve stress. I let my wife review it. We ended up having a long discussion that started with the stress topic but quickly started to drift off to other realms. It’s was a trigger for a shear endless conversation. This made me think of how I […]

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Saving Time On The Little Things

Recently, I found myself running through our apartment, last-minute-packing a bag for my weekly squash session with my brother. It’s not as if I needed a lot of equipment―sport clothes, sneakers, squash balls and racket, a towel, socks and underwear―but those few items where just spread across our place. Why was that? I realized that […]

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